Triangle TV secures NZ free-to-air rights for AFL’s “Game of the Week”

It’s played by two teams of 18 players with an oval ball that is bounced, handballed, kicked and punched, on an oval field with 8 goal posts.

It’s wildly aggressive, athletic and is the most attended sporting league in Australia as well as being the second-most-watched sporting event in Australia, behind cricket.

It’s Australian Football – or AFL –  and it’s catching on quickly in New Zealand.

Now, for the second year In a row, Auckland’s Triangle Television is pleased to be able to bring the game to the free-to-air viewing audience.

Triangle’s CEO Jim Blackman says that in association with AFL Australia the channel has arranged to screen a game a week commencing on Sunday 17th June at 9:00 pm up to and including the legendary Grand Final.

“We are pleased to be able to provide a broader exposure to this sport which we believe will grow in popularity over the next few years to the point where we may even see a Kiwi team playing in the League” he says.

In buy psychology essays online fact Melbourne’s St Kilda club it is considering the possibility of an Australia/New Zealand AFL clash as early as Anzac Day 2013 inWellington

Now in its fifteenth year promoting Victorian Australian Rules football, The Local Footy Show features stories from more than 280 clubs from across 16 leagues, with 11 leagues featuring in its full match-of-the-day coverage in 2011 alone.

The AFL games screen in addition to “The Local Footy Show”  which features  club-level  games acrossVictoria on Triangle on Saturdays throughout the season at 1:30pm

“We see these programmes as sowing the seeds of understanding  of the sport  in this country and, for us, it is part of our commitment to a broad base public service broadcasting service,” Blackman  says.

“Triangle Television’s  Game of the Week” Sundays at  9:00pm

“Local Footy Show” Saturdays at 1:30 pm