Triangle TV becomes Face TV

The 7pm TV viewing slot is the talk of the town as TVNZ’s Seven Sharp gets set to take on TV3’s Campbell Live.

But there is another player in the game, February 1, 2013 saw Triangle TV become Face TV.

Face TV chief executive Jim Blackman says he will bring more local news programming to air for the prime-time position.

“What we’re aiming to do is build the current affairs aspect to an hour an evening during prime-time.”

The channel will reach around 50% of total TV homes in NZ on Sky TV’s channel 89.

Face TV will screen international current affairs during prime-time, as well as a range of local content already screened on Triangle TV.

New Zealand programming would include Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury’s Citizen A, The Beatson Interview, Pacific Viewpoint, In Conversation, Know Your Rights and Gay Talk TV.

International News services would include Al Jazeera News Hour, Euronews, PBS Newshour, ABC Australia Network news and Bloomberg TV