If you’re a Television Advertiser or Media Agency….

Corcoran Media’s main objective is to provide television advertisers unrestricted access to channel inventory to develop cost effective connections with television audiences.

We welcome the challenge, but more importantly the opportunity to work with television advertisers who are results driven by providing a cost effective extension to their National and Trans Tasman television campaigns.

Corcoran Media has listened to the market and will ensure it provides a quick and efficient turn around of information to minimize any possible delays in the reporting process for our on-air media partners.

Our media partners will experience a seamless service from briefing, to proposal development, to on-air and through to post reporting.

If your finding your current channel mix is not providing enough scope, depth or flexibility, then maybe its time to contact Corcoran Media.

Or if you’re a channel….

Corcoran Media specialises in working with those channels that require a more focused and strategic sell of their inventory.

Whilst the media landscape remains competitive and price sensitive, it’s easy for the smaller, niche and often perceived less efficient channels to be forgotten as part of national television buy.

From years of working with the larger representation companies we know its much easier to sell the higher demand and broader reaching channels, whilst the smaller niche channels are often thought to be “too hard” to worry about. These channels tend to be neglected and quite often not considered for inclusion.

Corcoran Media works very closely with the smaller niche channels and it is our opinion there are revenue opportunities for all channels, big or small!

At Corcoran Media we pride ourselves on providing our channel partners a superior level of service to ensure their brand remains ‘top of mind’ with television advertisers.

If you’re a Channel Manager of a subscription or free to air channel and wondering why you’re not achieving your share of revenue it might be time to take action and start asking questions?

Corcoran Media can provide a no obligation independent review of your current revenue performance to see how your channel is tracking against it’s ‘Power Index’, and where we might be able to assist to improve your revenue results?

At the very least a channel should be able to write its audience share in revenue.

For smaller niche channels to achieve revenue success it ultimately comes down to having a dedicated sales organisation that has the time and experience to represent and sell the channel correctly. Does your current representation provide you this?

If not, it might be time to contact Corcoran Media……